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27 Gennaio 2012

Costa Concordia

Finally good news for the victims of Costa Concordia.

The Committee for the protection of the passengers had reached an agreement with Costa Crociere about the refund for damages, not only property damages but also for existential damages.

This agreement is also applies to foreign passengers.

Passengers have a right to:

 .Total reimbursement of the price paid for the cruise, also the harbor taxes

. Reimbursement of the plain / buses transfer

. Total reimbursement of travel expenses paid for the early return or for any other consequence of the accident (medical charges)

. Reimbursement of the costs keep during the cruise

These reimbursement amount around to € 3.000 for passenger.


  • Flat compensation of € 11.000 for passenger for all property damages and existential damages, included loss of baggage , psychological damages, damage ruined vacation.


Total amount is € 14.000 for passenger.

This sum is more then the threshold compensatory set up by the international conventions; this sum is for every passenger, independently of the ages. (So also kids have the right).

Where if will be possible, costa crociere, give back all property that were in the strong box. 

Costa Crociere allows to cancel the cruises booked, without supplementary costs, by the 7 february. 

The Consumer Associations will not received any type of payment for the legal activity.

For further information, advice or to join the committee please call 800 168566 or contact the committee at




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